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#DogPhotoBlog ~ Week 31

Just when you think you can rely on modern technology to do a scheduled blog, … This Blog was meant to be online on Monday the 30th July, when we went away on our summer holiday. Somehow it did not post it though :(! Good news is here it is now, and this weeks Dog Photo Blog will follow tomorrow 🙂 . Thank you all for your patience!


On Friday 26th July, I was invited to the Mind your Dog “Olympic Party”. It turned out to be a glorious day without the rain that was mentioned in the weather forecast.

After taking quite a few, well rather a lot, of dog portraits I could not resist to post this photograph of this Springer Spaniel “Ben” as this weeks Dog Photo Blog as I think this image is a cracker! He just loved catching this ball!

Caroline Dunn from Mind your Dog is running a Summer university training session on a Friday morning at Buckhurst Farm Kennels in Westerham.

If your dog already responds to basic commands (sit, stay, come, etc…) but you are after an activity to keep their bright little mind occupied and to have fun together, then why not join this weekly pay-as-you-go outdoor class. It  includes some formal training, but also scent games, trick training and some fun agility/jumping.

For further information and bookings please contact Caroline Dunn

Week 31 ~ Ben

#DogPhotoBlog Week 31 “Ben”

#DogPhotoBlog ~ Week 8

This weeks dog photography model is a quite unusual breed in England. It’s a Hovawart. The breed originates in Germany and has first managed to get mentioned as early as 1220. The 20th-century recreation probably included breeds like the Hungarian Kuvasz, German Shepherd and the Newfoundland. The Hovawart is a pleasant family dog, easily trained and gets on well with other dogs and children.

I had a really hard time choosing the image this week as I had the choice of two (nearly three) Hovawarts. The third dog had just been called to work! He (and his owner James) are involved in the NSARDA Cantech (National Search And Rescue Dog Association). These highly trained scent dogs do an amazing job! There is also a Facebook page you can browse through and “Like” if you wish.

And this is not all! Caroline and James are qualified dog trainers based in Westerham. Mind your Dog (Facebook link: Mind your Dog) is offering 1-1 training classes as well as dog training sessions. I can highly recommend Caroline for 1-1 dog training classes, especially when the dog has to fit in with family life or a new baby is arriving soon (Dog Doula) and ground rules need to be established beforehand.

The image I chose is of PC (full name Pink Cadillac) who was born on the 4th of July 2010, hence the American theme. PC is of a litter of 10 and I bet it got tricky towards the end finding American car names and colours?

Week 8 ~ PC

Week 8 -PC