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#Dogs In Business ~ Newnham Court Veterinary Hospital, Bearsted, Maidstone

As promised in my last Sneak Peak here is the business “Hardy” represents: Newnham Court Veterinary Hospital. I met some of their wonderful staff when I did the dog portrait photography session. They have a team of 18 veterinary surgeons working there, covering day and night. The Newnham Court Veterinary Hospital is located conveniently off the M20 J7 and they have ample parking as well as an onsite Equestrian Clinic.

The waiting area in the main Veterinary Hospital is divided into the cat and the dog section which confirmed to me that this Veterinary Clinic has the pet owners interest at heart. They also have a separate Equine Clinic there. It is important for them that the pet owners has as much insight into their practice as possible as you can see on their website (link).

On the 6th of July 2013 they are having their Annual Fun Day 2013 from 1-5pm. There will be an all-day BBQ, animal displays, stalls, attractions and lots of fun and interesting activities to get involved with. This year’s attractions include bouncy castles (yes more than one!), face painting, Birds of Prey, Splash Pals and much, much more!! So save the day and come along!

Charlene the Nursing Manager was happy for me to photograph her Jack Russell Terrier “Hardy” a 5 year (ish) old rescue dog. Charlene had him from about a year of age, by which time he had lost one of his hind legs.

When you see “Hardy” walking you would not believe him to have a disability in the slightest as he compensates his loss really well. Which just goes to show that a life of a rescue dog can work out really beautifully.


2013 Dogs in business Newnham Court Veterinary Hospital Bearsted Maidstone photo

2013 Dogs in business Newnham Court Veterinary Hospital Bearsted Maidstone photo

Sneak Peek ~ Hardy

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting this adorable Jack Russell Terrier and his lovely owner! I will be posting more dog portraits of him and the business he represents in my next Dogs in Business blog! So do look out for it!

In the meantime, here is:


Hardy Jack Russel Terrier Sneak Peek Photo

Jack Russell Terrier Sneak Peek Photo

#DogsInBusiness ~ Tom Halpin, mobile Farrier

Did I wet your appetite for this #DogsInBusiness blog in my last Sneak Peek? Here it is!

“Dobby” the Jack Russell Terrier puppy travels with Tom every day, and he tends to curl up on the passenger seat waiting patiently for Tom to return from his client.

Tom has undergone a 5 year training and he qualified in 2007. His client base is about 20 miles around Tunbridge Wells (servicing areas like Crawley, Crowborough, Ashdown Forest, Biggin Hill, Meopham, New Ash Green to name a few) and he is also traveling to meet his clients needs in France and in America.

A personal service is very important to Tom, who is really passionate about his clients horses and ponies. So if you are looking for a reliable Farrier, he can be contacted on his mobile (07815 751 385)


2013 Dogs in business Tom Halpin Ferrier photo

2013 Dogs in business Tom Halpin Farrier photo

One image shows “Dobby’s” friend “Jack” a black Labrador. Secretly “Dobby” thinks he is a Labrador. I am sure he thinks he will grow as tall as Jack himself one day! :o)

Sneak Peek ~ Dobby

This Sneak Peek image is taken from the dog portrait photography session from last Sunday.

Please meet “Dobby” the 6 month old Jack Russell Terrier puppy. “Dobby” has 4 brothers 2 black and white and 2 black and tan. “Dobby” is the runt of the litter and I am not afraid to say that “Dobby” is a little crazy!

I came away with a whole variety of different portrait images that day, so do look out for the next #DogsInBusiness when you will be able to see a few more!


Sneak Peek Dobby Jack Russel Terrier photo

Sneak Peek Dobby Jack Russell Terrier photo

#DogPhotoBlog ~ Week 51

Please meet “Oscar” my Dog Photo Blog model of Week 51! As you can see he is a very sweet black and white Jack Russel Terrier.

These images were taken in the back garden, due to the fact that this is the only place “Oscar” is able to enjoy his freedom off the lead. I love my dog photography to portray action and the full character of the dog.

Of course it is possible to take dog portraits with dogs on their leads and then to manipulate the image at a later stage. Close up head shots of dogs, which can be taken with or without their leads, work really well too. Let me see if I can show you an example in my last personal project blog of the year 2012 next week.

Week 51

#DogPhotoBlog Week 51 "Oscar"

Week 51 “Oscar”

Sneak Peek ~ Memphis & Bertie

As promised on my Facebook Business page last Saturday I would like to share a sneak peek of the gorgeous Jack Russel “Memphis” and the really sweet Doberman “Bertie” with you.

As Memphis and Bertie have got the same black and tan colours their owner is frequently asked if Memphis is from Berties litter!

Bertie is 8 years of age and has been operated on a few times. So the day of the shoot saw him off the lead in the park for the first time in a while. And he really loved it. I think you can see the joy twinkling in his eyes.

This particular Dog Portrait Photography shoot was a birthday present Gift Certificate. I started the session in the dogs home environment, then moved to their garden and then we went to a nearby park in Oxted.

Bertie in the woods

Memphis on his sofa

#DogPhotoBlog ~ Week 33

It’s time for another DogPhotoBlog! Please meet “Bramble” a female Jackadoodle.

This dog portrait photograph was taking on a nice day in a lovely park in Tonbridge, Kent.

This breed is a cross between a Jack Russel Terrier and a Poodle (most commonly the toy or the miniature Poodle. Jackadoodle are also known as Jack-A-Poo, Jack-A-Doodle, Poo-Jack or Poojack.

Many people with allergies prefer Poodle mixes as their fur is more hypoallergenic than most dogs, due to the inherited characteristic from the Poodle.

“Bramble” was absolutely adorable to photograph! Next week I will show you a different variety of a  “Labradoodle”, so please do look out for it.

Week 33 ~ Bramble

#Dogphotoblog Week 33 “Bramble”

#DogPhotoBlog ~ Week 25

This week’s DogPhotoBlog model is a Parson Jack Russell Terrier. He goes by the name of “Digby”.

This dog portrait was taken in Shadwell woods in Tunbridge Wells on a glorious sunny Wednesday morning.

This breed is the less common version of Great Britain’s most popular country terrier, the Jack Russell. Reverend Jack Russell , a sporting parson from Devon and a founding member of the Kennel Club of Great Britain, developed this strain of wire-haired fox terrier, which had long enough legs to accompany horses on the hunt whilst being small enough to burrows and bolt foxes.

This breed is a good companion which requires regular exercise.

Week 25 ~ Digby

Week 25 “Digby”

#DogPhotoBlog ~ Week 19

This weeks Dog Photo Blog features a really cute Jack Russel Terrier lady with the sweet name of “Maisie”.

This popular town or country dog breed is fun loving and, in most instances, overwhelmingly affectionate both with its family and with strangers, which I experienced first hand.

We had a fun session that day, despite it being quite muddy, even on the paths, due to all the rain we had recently. I enjoy seeing all the lush, spring green colours in the background.

Week 19 ~ Maisie

Week 19 “Maisie”

More dog portrait sessions …

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of photographing Lily (a gorgeous Whippet), Amber (a Jack Russel x Pomeranian) and Alfie (a Beagle x Jack Russel) in Tunbridge Wells. The weather was beautiful and the dogs were very well behaved and very photogenic! Thanks again to the fantastic dog handler!

I hope you enjoy the sneak peak. I will post more images of these lovely dogs on my Facebook page ( in the coming days.

Amber and Lily