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Daffodils anyone??

I love Spring – I love the colours – I love the smell!

Being so busy lately, hardly gives me time to share my images with you. So I sat down this Sunday and compiled some portraits I took with dogs in daffodils! Enjoy!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, why not surprise your mum with a gift certificate for her and her dog?

Riverhill Family Fun Dog Show, Sunday 8th September 2013

There’s so much to explore at Riverhill Himalayan Garden in Sevenoaks. They have the most imaginative garden in Kent with plants brought back from the Himalayas, beautiful walks, a newly built tranquil water feature and lots of opportunity for children to build dens or play in the all natural material playground. It has been known that a Yeti roams the woods and if you are lucky you might just spot him.

In partnership with the leading art gallery, Marshall Murray, Riverhill Himalayan Gardens are proud to be exhibiting World-class British sculptures. The works, by some of the country’s leading artists, offer an inspiring blend of natural materials, contemporary forms set against the varied natural backdrops, which are in abundance at Riverhill.

Sunday the 8th September 2013 marks the End of Season and includes the Family Dog Show & BBQ. The BBQ starts from 12.30pm and the Dog Show from 2pm.

Prizes to be awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place in each class.
Judge: Mrs Anna White MRCVS, The Oaks Veterinary Practice.

Dog with the Waggiest Tail
Most Handsome Dog
Prettiest Bitch
Best Trick
Fastest Dog Hurdler over bales
Most obedient dog with child handler (Under 12)
Best Fancy dress
Best Six legs in show
Championship – Open to 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize winners only ‘Dog the judge would most like to take home’

Please visit: to download the dog show entry form for your chance to win Rosettes and Canine treats. You are also in for a chance to win The Overall Show, who will be awarded a Gift Certificate for an “Outdoor Dog Portrait Photography Photo Experience”, including a 10×8″ framed print”.

This is Frank the defending Champion:

Riverhill Himalayan Dog Show Winner 2012

Riverhill Himalayan Dog Show Winner 2012

The weather forecast looks promising for Sunday. Fingers crossed and good luck to all the entrants of the Dog Show.

Winner announcement: Annual Fun Day at Newnham Court Veterinary Hospital, Maidstone

Last Saturday (6th July 2013) probably one of the hottest days this summer, I attended the Annual Fun Day at Newnham Court Veterinary Hospital.

It was a fun day for everybody. Show rounds to see the inside of the Veterinary Hospital, Birds of Prey, Face painting, bouncy castle and pony rides to name a few keeping the adults and kids alike entertained.

Of course there was a dog show too! Peppa Pig judged “Ruby” to win the 1st prize! Congratulations! I am looking forward to meeting Hayley again and photographing “Ruby” together with her new playmate soon.

“Ruby” & Hayley

20130706 Newnham Court winner Hayley with Ruby

– Newham Court Veterinary Hospital, Dog Show and Outdoor Dog Portrait Photography Session winner Hayley with “Ruby”

#Dogs In Business ~ Newnham Court Veterinary Hospital, Bearsted, Maidstone

As promised in my last Sneak Peak here is the business “Hardy” represents: Newnham Court Veterinary Hospital. I met some of their wonderful staff when I did the dog portrait photography session. They have a team of 18 veterinary surgeons working there, covering day and night. The Newnham Court Veterinary Hospital is located conveniently off the M20 J7 and they have ample parking as well as an onsite Equestrian Clinic.

The waiting area in the main Veterinary Hospital is divided into the cat and the dog section which confirmed to me that this Veterinary Clinic has the pet owners interest at heart. They also have a separate Equine Clinic there. It is important for them that the pet owners has as much insight into their practice as possible as you can see on their website (link).

On the 6th of July 2013 they are having their Annual Fun Day 2013 from 1-5pm. There will be an all-day BBQ, animal displays, stalls, attractions and lots of fun and interesting activities to get involved with. This year’s attractions include bouncy castles (yes more than one!), face painting, Birds of Prey, Splash Pals and much, much more!! So save the day and come along!

Charlene the Nursing Manager was happy for me to photograph her Jack Russell Terrier “Hardy” a 5 year (ish) old rescue dog. Charlene had him from about a year of age, by which time he had lost one of his hind legs.

When you see “Hardy” walking you would not believe him to have a disability in the slightest as he compensates his loss really well. Which just goes to show that a life of a rescue dog can work out really beautifully.


2013 Dogs in business Newnham Court Veterinary Hospital Bearsted Maidstone photo

2013 Dogs in business Newnham Court Veterinary Hospital Bearsted Maidstone photo

Sneak Peek ~ Misty and Jessie

When I was contacted last year about the purchase of a Gift Certificate for an Outdoor Dog Portrait Photography Session as a birthday present to photograph a Norfolk Terrier and a Lurcher x Poodle I was very interested to see what this cross breed looked liked!

Last week saw me traveling to Westfield, Hasting on a very sunny day (Yeah, finally the sun is out!), where I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of Misty and Jessie. And her dogs are such sweethearts!

Jessie is very fluffy and as I quickly found out, very fast! It was lucky for their owner that we discovered that day that Jessie will go and fetch sticks despite her Lurcher blood. Otherwise it would have been a big exercise session for the owner as well as Jessie running back and forth in order to capture Jessie in action!

“Misty & Jessie”

Sneak Peek Norfolk Terrier  and Lurcher x Poodle Photo

Sneak Peek Norfolk Terrier and Lurcher x Poodle Photo



Man’s Best Friend

If you’re seeking a sympathetic friend, you may need to look no further than your dog.

If there is a man and his best friend in your life and with Father’s Day just round the corner, you might like to present him with a Gift Certificate entitling him to a personalised “You and Your Pet Portrait Photography” session.

I look forward talking to you!

07950 025 492                        

Man's best friend dog photo

Man’s best friend dog photo



Sneak Peek ~ Dobby

This Sneak Peek image is taken from the dog portrait photography session from last Sunday.

Please meet “Dobby” the 6 month old Jack Russell Terrier puppy. “Dobby” has 4 brothers 2 black and white and 2 black and tan. “Dobby” is the runt of the litter and I am not afraid to say that “Dobby” is a little crazy!

I came away with a whole variety of different portrait images that day, so do look out for the next #DogsInBusiness when you will be able to see a few more!


Sneak Peek Dobby Jack Russel Terrier photo

Sneak Peek Dobby Jack Russell Terrier photo

Sneak Peek ~ Frank

I mentioned in my last blog about the dog portrait session last Friday, which by prior arrangement took place at the stunning  Riverhill Himalayan Gardens.

You might want to put the following dates in your diary:
4th – 8th September 2013
Dog Days at the Riverhill Himalayan Gardens, where well behaved dogs on leads are welcome.
8th September 2013
End of Season Family Dog Show & BBQ at the Riverhill Himalayan Gardens. BBQ from 12.30pm, the Dog Show competition starts from 2pm – Rosettes & canine treats & prizes including items from Lucky Paws Boutique as well as a Dog Portrait Photography session including a framed print for the overall winner

For this Sneak Peek I decided to show you different beautiful spring colours other than the seasonal bluebells.

This sweet natured chocolate miniature Dachshund really blew me away! I found it really hard to concentrate on photographing him and had to stop myself having Dachshund cuddles all the time!


Sneak Peak Dachshund Frank photo

Sneak Peak Dachshund Frank photo

Glorious Bluebells!

Having been out on Friday and today, shooting some gorgeous dogs in the bluebells, I thought I show you a bit of the colour!

Bluebells are not around for long!

Contact me if you are interested in a dog portrait photography session surrounded by bluebells! I look forward chatting with you!

07950 025 492                        

Dogs in bluebells photo

Dogs in bluebells photo

Sneak Peek ~ Jessie

What would a Springer Spaniel do if it couldn’t enjoy a good splash about?

The image below is from a Dog Portrait Photography Photo session we did last week. It was a beautiful day with intermittent sunshine.

I have been informed by Jessie’s owner that she can even find the tiniest of puddles!

It makes me very happy for Jessie to have found a new loving home, as her previous owners did not take good care of her and mistreated her so she ended up in a rescue centre.

I hope you enjoy the Sneak Peek image and I am looking forward to meeting the owners and showing them my selection of images taken on our Dog Portrait Photo shoot session soon.

Make the most of the sunshine!


Sneak Peek ~ Jessie Springer Spaniel in water photo

Sneak Peek ~ Jessie Springer Spaniel in water photo