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Sneak Peek ~ Misty and Jessie

When I was contacted last year about the purchase of a Gift Certificate for an Outdoor Dog Portrait Photography Session as a birthday present to photograph a Norfolk Terrier and a Lurcher x Poodle I was very interested to see what this cross breed looked liked!

Last week saw me traveling to Westfield, Hasting on a very sunny day (Yeah, finally the sun is out!), where I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of Misty and Jessie. And her dogs are such sweethearts!

Jessie is very fluffy and as I quickly found out, very fast! It was lucky for their owner that we discovered that day that Jessie will go and fetch sticks despite her Lurcher blood. Otherwise it would have been a big exercise session for the owner as well as Jessie running back and forth in order to capture Jessie in action!

“Misty & Jessie”

Sneak Peek Norfolk Terrier  and Lurcher x Poodle Photo

Sneak Peek Norfolk Terrier and Lurcher x Poodle Photo



Sneak Peek ~ Memphis & Bertie

As promised on my Facebook Business page last Saturday I would like to share a sneak peek of the gorgeous Jack Russel “Memphis” and the really sweet Doberman “Bertie” with you.

As Memphis and Bertie have got the same black and tan colours their owner is frequently asked if Memphis is from Berties litter!

Bertie is 8 years of age and has been operated on a few times. So the day of the shoot saw him off the lead in the park for the first time in a while. And he really loved it. I think you can see the joy twinkling in his eyes.

This particular Dog Portrait Photography shoot was a birthday present Gift Certificate. I started the session in the dogs home environment, then moved to their garden and then we went to a nearby park in Oxted.

Bertie in the woods

Memphis on his sofa