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Sneak Peek ~ Sissi

As promised earlier, here is the sneak peek of “Sissi” the black Newfoundland x Bernese Mountain Dog that I took in Germany.

In my dog portrait photography I enjoy showing the character or the traits of my clients dog/s. These images portray what Sissi likes doing best: sleeping!


#DogPhotoBlog ~ Week 20

This week’s Dog Photography Blog has been taken a bit further afield to Royal Tunbridge Wells.

I was very honoured  to be asked to take images of this stunning all black Newfoundland/Bernese Mountain Dog cross in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany!

Her name is “Sissi” and generally speaking she loves sleeping! You wouldn’t know from this picture, would you?

The first of the two days I was there was a complete wash out but luckily the second day was much nicer with lots of sunshine in the afternoon.

Big thank you’s to Katja for booking the dog portrait photography session and to her daughter Franziska who was the perfect assistant on the day. I will also blog a sneak peek image later in the week. Look out for it.

Week 20 ~ Sissi

#DogPhotoBlog Week 20 “Sissi”