“Lost and happily reunited”

Welcome to my new blog!

You know the feeling, one minute everything is fine and you think “oh, my pet is around somewhere, … . Nothing to worry about, they do this all the time, … ”
And then realisation kicks in and you know your pet is missing! Panic sets in! Frantic searching – what do you do?

You knock on doors, you ask friends for help, you post on local Facebook groups, you ring the local vets, …

The time your pet is missing goes terribly slow almost like slow motion. I know it, I have been there. Both our cats have gone missing for days on separate occasions. Your heart skips some beats, you don’t know when to tell the kids or even how. It is an agonising experience to say the least! Thoughts like “Was this the last time I saw my pet alive?” crosses your mind.

Luckily on both occasions we were happily reunited with our cats. One cat was stuck up a tree, finding him 3 days after he went missing, and we had to get him down in a daring rescue operation involving a ladder and a 40ft drop the other side of the tree. To my husband it felt more like a 100ft drop as he suffers from vertigo! The other cat returned after about a week on his own accord, he was just a lot slimmer!

In the forthcoming months I will blog about people with similar experiences.

Contact me if you would like to have professional pictures of your beloved pet commissioned.

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