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I have been a bit lax in updating my “Kind Word” section recently. Thankfully that does not mean that I don’t receive nice reviews for my portraits, … Please keep them coming!

As with every business, especially small ones, these reviews mean the world. It makes working with my clients so much more rewarding.


I don’t think I ever appreciated how quickly our little puppy would grow going from a puppy faced cutie to a very little man in the space of a few months, being able to have these memories forever of him with the puppy charm is something I’ll always be glad off.  When Barbara suggested a photo shoot with the daffodils we realised this was our one opportunity – as next year he would be double the size, still cute but a grown up cute.  Watching Barbara with our dog was something else, the care, attention and how he was fixated with her made for a wonderful experience for both puppy and owners alike.

Many thanks



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