Networking Neighs with Graeme Green

Becci Godfrey of HorseSense UK says:

“The Dragons Lie Sleeping Within the Horse” was the talk title for this month’s Networking Neighs, and it set the scene for a magical event.

Guest speaker Graeme Green shared how mythology was a way of passing down through the generations important information, in a way that would be remembered and shared. Dragons were often used to represent the forces of nature that the stories were centered around, warning of fiery mountains (volcanoes), seas withdrawing and returning with gusto (tsunamis) and deep underground passageways (caves).

Their connection to horses is because horses appear in many of these stories too; wielding chariots across the sky, representing mythical beasts such as the centaur, or the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Horses are our connection to that mythical dragon energy that resides in all of us.

And what better place to connect to that dragon energy when we are meeting people for the first time?  Nine incredible people met on Wednesday to exchange ways in how we might enhance each others services and support one another.

Ranging from educational psychologists, to a psycho-sexual therapist, finance provider and tree surgeon, a diverse group connected and bonded in the environment of the horse.

The next Networking Neighs is on 3rd October 2019, with guest speaker and psychotherapist Victoria David sharing her top tips on Self-care for the 21st Century. We’d love to see you.

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