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Where has the time gone?? A couple of blinks it was the beginning of October and now we are in November!

So, what have I been up to??

I went on a fantastic Photography Workshop with Create Away in the South of France in the Camargue to photograph the Wild Horses! The special guest at this workshop was Lesley Wood of Wild Earth Fine Art Photography, who took this images of me in my most attractive waders:

Barbara Yeo with Wild Horse Carmague Photo

Barbara Yeo with Wild Horse Camargue Photo

Day 1

Aigues Mortes Photo

Aigues Mortes Photo

On our first day we had time to explore the town Aigues Mortes. A beautiful medieval town with picturesque features throughout. The dog featured is “Raoul” a lovely gentleman who looks after the hotel we stayed at.

Day 2

Sete Photo

Sete Photo

On the second day we went to photograph Sete, another picturesque site with oyster beds in the foreground. Some of the above images were taken in Mez, were only a few oyster businesses were active with the rest derelict. The highlight of the day was our fresh oyster breakfast over a glass of wine! Not the normal start of the day!

Day 3
(My Favourite!)


– Camargue Wild Horses Photo

Well, what can I say! Meeting these truly remarkable creatures was definitely my highlight of the trip! They are not at all shy and kept nudging us to photograph them, especially when you had the wrong lens attached to the camera. The marshes where quite sticky in places and I managed to do a (hopefully) gracious fall to my knees, with my cameras held up high, when the mud decided to grab me by both ankles!

Day 4

Camargue Flamingo Photo

Camargue Flamingo Photo

Sadly this was the last day of the trip. The flamingos were truly stunning and I could have stayed forever and I will definitely return! I left my waders with Create Away, so I have something to go back for 🙂