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Networking Neighs with Graeme Green

Becci Godfrey of HorseSense UK says:

“The Dragons Lie Sleeping Within the Horse” was the talk title for this month’s Networking Neighs, and it set the scene for a magical event.

Guest speaker Graeme Green shared how mythology was a way of passing down through the generations important information, in a way that would be remembered and shared. Dragons were often used to represent the forces of nature that the stories were centered around, warning of fiery mountains (volcanoes), seas withdrawing and returning with gusto (tsunamis) and deep underground passageways (caves).

Their connection to horses is because horses appear in many of these stories too; wielding chariots across the sky, representing mythical beasts such as the centaur, or the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Horses are our connection to that mythical dragon energy that resides in all of us.

And what better place to connect to that dragon energy when we are meeting people for the first time?  Nine incredible people met on Wednesday to exchange ways in how we might enhance each others services and support one another.

Ranging from educational psychologists, to a psycho-sexual therapist, finance provider and tree surgeon, a diverse group connected and bonded in the environment of the horse.

The next Networking Neighs is on 3rd October 2019, with guest speaker and psychotherapist Victoria David sharing her top tips on Self-care for the 21st Century. We’d love to see you.

You can get your tickets here:

Sneak Peek – Equine Photo Shoot

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing this lovely lady with her Arab. He is a young one and I have to admit he was a bit flighty at times. Regardless, I am sure you would agree the Sneak Peek image of their portrait session truly conveys their deep connection. Don’t they look gorgeous!

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Murphy’s Networking Neighs – Building highly valued relationships

On 21st November, HorseSense UK hosted their first Networking Neighs event that attracted people from all over the South East. Drawn in by the opportunity to spend time with three gorgeous horses and make new business connections at the same time, the attendees were also treated to an insight into the ‘why’ behind Equine Assisted Education and how HorseSense UK came to be formed.

20141121 Barbara Yeo Photography_Murphys Networking Neighs overview

Created by Emma Taylor of the Bay Horse Speaks and now taking place all over the UK, the format focuses on getting to know the person behind the job title and what makes people passionate about what they do.

Alongside Emma’s monthly events in Gloucestershire, Networking Neighs is also branching out into Yorkshire, Hampshire and Berkshire.

The next Murphy’s Networking Neighs will be taking place in Mark Cross, East Sussex on 23rd January 2015, from 9.30-12 noon. For more information visit:’s-networking-neighs.aspx

The next Networking Neighs in Berkshire will be taking place at Hillfields Farm, Park Wall Lane, Lower Basildon, RG8 9PE  on 12th December 2014 from 8.00-10.30am. For more information visit:

#YearOfTheHorse – Windmill Saddlery, Heathfield

This month I went to Heathfield, photographing not horses per se, but a Saddlery mentioned to me by one of my clients.

This family run business has several stores: the specialized Windmill Saddlery and Windmill Feeds based in Heathfield, as well as stores in Uckfield (opposite Tesco) and in Crowborough catering for the more general needs for your beloved pets.

Visiting the store, I was very impressed at how well the shop is stocked from Ariat boots (being one of the few Volant centres in the UK) to saddles, rugs and reins and anything else in between. I was totally overwhelmed when I saw a whole room stocked full with boots. Amazing!

Windmill Saddlery is one of the few stockists of Jeremy Rudge Saddles, who stands for finest quality and is based in Walsall, just outside Birmingham.

They keep a well stocked range of saddles to suit all tastes and price brackets in the basement, together with a workbench for qualified repairs.

Local pony clubs and schools (for instance the St Leonards-Mayfield School) as well as many clients from all over the South East, make use of the Windmill Saddlery.

The friendly and professional staff is highly regarded for fitting and advising on safety wear too. The Saddlery has a comprehensive array of riding hats and body protectors to keep people as safe as possible, and the knowledgeable staff is highly trained in this field.

In the storyboard below I have included a portrait of a happy customer!

#Year of the Horse blog ~ Windmill Saddlery, Heathfield

#Year of the Horse blog ~ Windmill Saddlery, Heathfield

HorseSenseUK – Murphy’s Networking Masterclass

Last week was the last Murphy’s Networking Masterclass of the series this year. Becci of HorseSenseUK was a fabulous host as ever!

It was great fun to be had by all, so I thought I share some of the special moments I photographed as we all spend some time with the horses.

Please feel free to share and/or leave a comment.


#YearOfTheHorse – Kate Ayling True Union with Horses

This month’s blog gives me a further understanding of natural horsemanship.

I met up with Kate Ayling, who is based near Forest Row, and got to meet her two gorgeous mares, mum and daughter Leila and Lalune.

These lovely horses were re-homed by Kate earlier this year from the Seven Acre Horse Sanctury (click to visit their website or like their Facebook page)  in Catsfield near Battle.

Kate has spent many years learning about horse behaviour and communication and holistic ways of caring for and interacting with horses. She now teaches holistic horsemanship in Sussex, helping people understand their horses and their needs and enabling people to create unique bonds with their equine friends.

For more information on Kate’s work and how to get in contact, please visit Kate’s website.

It was my pleasure to photograph Kate and her mares. They really enjoyed their scratch by their loving owner.

pictures of Kate Ayling

#Year of the Horse Blog ~ Kate Ayling True Union with Horses

#YearOfTheHorse – Julia Felton Business HorsePower

This month I met Julia Felton, another lovely lady, who runs a company called Business HorsePower.

I managed to get a short glimpse into one of the courses on Unbridled Success: Business Lessons from the Herd that she ran on a yard close by. Her international client came all the way from Germany for her weekend course.

Not only do clients travel from all over to meet up with Julia, Julia herself is known to travel the whole of the UK and even further afield.

So much attention on success in business today focuses on what you do, but as Julia has experienced the real key to success is actually how you show up. She refers to this as the Secret Energy of Business. You can have all the best strategies and tactics but if you don’t show up aligned and congruent with your message, then clients will not be attracted to you.  Julia partners with horses to help you gain valuable insights into how you show up as a business leader. What kind of energy and presence do you emit? Trust me, as I witnessed, if the horse senses any mis-alignment then he simply won’t come and interact with you. And it’s the same in business. Potential clients know instinctively if you are being a fraud and don’t believe what you are telling them. However, when you are engaged, curious and passionate about your business and genuinely interested in the other party they will be drawn to you.  And it’s the same with the horses.

It was a real pleasure to meet Julia and fascinating to witness how much horses can teach us about business. I hope to see her again soon, when she is down South again.

If you’d like to explore more about how horses can develop your leadership skills you might want to grab a free copy of a chapter from Julia’s book Unbridled Success: How The Secret Lives of Horses Can Impact Your Leadership, Teamwork and Communication Skills. You can grab this at


#Year of the Horse ~ Julia Felton Business HorsePower

– #Year of the Horse ~ Julia Felton Business HorsePower


Next Murphy’s Networking – “What is your USP?”

The next Murphy’s Networking event on the 18th June from 7.30-9.30am is promising to be a good one! “What is your USP?”

It is important to get a clear understanding of what your Unique Selling Point is as this will help your customers know why to pick you over your competitors and give you a clear message to share when talking to potential clients.

Horsey help is at hand from coaches Murphy, Toby and Squirrel to check your USP is right for you.*

Every networking session with Murphy is different, the last one was about “Networking with Confidence”. The more of these events you attend, the more value you get, so even if you have been to one before you will learn something new and interesting this time around. To whet your appetite and show you how it went here are a few images from the session.

If you are interested in participating in the next networking event, which includes a full English breakfast book your place here:

* No previous experience of horses is necessary as all exercises are done on the ground.

Murphy's Networking - Networking with confidence

Murphy’s Networking – Networking with confidence

Sneak Peek ~ Fun in the bluebells

Just in case you are wondering what I am up to, …

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing this lovely family with their pony in the bluebells!The bluebells were still in full bloom then! The rain has seen to it that there are only a few places left where they look all right as a backdrop as I discovered last Sunday when we went out as a family to walk in the woods. The bluebells were particularly early this year, which took me by surprise.

If you don’t want to miss out on a bluebell photo shoot experience for next year, you could always contact me to express an interest now on having your photographs taken with your horses and I will speak to you nearer the time to book the portrait session.

picture of Family with pony in bluebells | Barbara Yeo Photography

– Pony with owners in bluebells, Mark Cross