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Networking Neighs with Graeme Green

Becci Godfrey of HorseSense UK says:

“The Dragons Lie Sleeping Within the Horse” was the talk title for this month’s Networking Neighs, and it set the scene for a magical event.

Guest speaker Graeme Green shared how mythology was a way of passing down through the generations important information, in a way that would be remembered and shared. Dragons were often used to represent the forces of nature that the stories were centered around, warning of fiery mountains (volcanoes), seas withdrawing and returning with gusto (tsunamis) and deep underground passageways (caves).

Their connection to horses is because horses appear in many of these stories too; wielding chariots across the sky, representing mythical beasts such as the centaur, or the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Horses are our connection to that mythical dragon energy that resides in all of us.

And what better place to connect to that dragon energy when we are meeting people for the first time?  Nine incredible people met on Wednesday to exchange ways in how we might enhance each others services and support one another.

Ranging from educational psychologists, to a psycho-sexual therapist, finance provider and tree surgeon, a diverse group connected and bonded in the environment of the horse.

The next Networking Neighs is on 3rd October 2019, with guest speaker and psychotherapist Victoria David sharing her top tips on Self-care for the 21st Century. We’d love to see you.

You can get your tickets here:

Sneak Peek

In order to photography this gorgeous lady, I traveled to a small sleepy town in West Sussex last week when the weather was a lot better!

This lovely Welsh Springer Spaniel has the luxury of living close to fantastic fields. Every opportunity she gets, she loves to roam them with her owners.

We found this great pile of logs and I just knew I had to take some images here. My super model was looking forward to some treats and licked her lips in anticipation I think, … .
I had the camera ready just at the right time to catch this cute moment.

When going through all the portraits taken on the day to narrow down my clients choices, I always look for images that work well together. If you would only have seen one of the three images, you might discard them as your possible selection.

I use my expertise and experience to guide you to images that complement each other.

In order for you to get a better feel for what it looks like I have put a digital frame around the 3 portraits instead of leaving them on their own.

What do you think, does it work?


Equine Sneak Peek

Last weekend saw me visiting my clients home near Ashford. It was a very sunny day with a slight breeze. I adored my clients wardrobe and we had great difficulty deciding on which outfits to choose for the shoot. For this particular image, we made use of the dappled shade under the big oak in one of her paddocks. In these lighting conditions it is always difficult to retain light colours, especially in this instance photographing a Spanish horse.

Today, I had to postpone a family portrait shoot with their dog as the weather turned on us. Making the most of my time and to spend it wisely I sat in my dry office editing instead.

I just had to share this beautiful image with you!

Feel free to contact me if you would like to arrange a photo shoot with your pet.


Bluebell pet photo shoot

Remember my last post with the lovely review from my client with their scrumptious puppy?  Guess what? My clients and their dog had so much fun, they came back for more!

This time we arranged a photo shoot in a nearby bluebell wood. With the puppy being a little older and therefore better trained, we were able to do some shots without the lead. The owners were at hand at all times to make sure their puppy was safe and didn’t run off.

Before and during the photo shoot I always stress with my clients, that if they feel unsure or not safe during the shoot for whatever reason that they can stop me at anytime. This is very important to me. More than anything I want my clients to enjoy the photo shoot experience and do not want them to be stressed out. If at any point I see it is getting to much for the animal or their owner I am quite happy to finish the current session and try another day.

Here is a quick Sneak Peek image of this Labrador/Cocker Spaniel mix puppy. I believe this is called a “Cockador”. Please correct me if I am wrong.



Sneak Peek – Equine Photo Shoot

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing this lovely lady with her Arab. He is a young one and I have to admit he was a bit flighty at times. Regardless, I am sure you would agree the Sneak Peek image of their portrait session truly conveys their deep connection. Don’t they look gorgeous!

If you would like to see more of my work check out my Instagram account.



Sneak Peek in the Bluebells

I love Spring! The greens of the trees and grass are all so lush and to top it off you get rewarded with this gorgeous splash of blue colour.

Here are some images from a recent dog portrait photography shoot. Labradors are so photogenic, don’t you agree?


Happy National Puppy-dog Day!

What a coincidence! I was on a dog photo shoot this morning with a gorgeous 15 week old puppy when Social Media informed me that today is indeed National Puppydog Day!

My clients and I had a great time enjoying the daffodils in full bloom. Their puppy enjoyed them too!

It was lovely to see how everything was so exiting for him. This phase in their puppy lives just does not last that long and from a photographic point of view I just love giving my clients scrumptious images to look at in the years to come.

We have already put a date in the diary for the bluebell season. I can’t wait to see how much this little bundle of joy will have grown by then,…. I’ll keep you posted.

Here is the Sneak Peek from earlier today: