Bluebell pet photo shoot

Remember my last post with the lovely review from my client with their scrumptious puppy?  Guess what? My clients and their dog had so much fun, they came back for more!

This time we arranged a photo shoot in a nearby bluebell wood. With the puppy being a little older and therefore better trained, we were able to do some shots without the lead. The owners were at hand at all times to make sure their puppy was safe and didn’t run off.

Before and during the photo shoot I always stress with my clients, that if they feel unsure or not safe during the shoot for whatever reason that they can stop me at anytime. This is very important to me. More than anything I want my clients to enjoy the photo shoot experience and do not want them to be stressed out. If at any point I see it is getting to much for the animal or their owner I am quite happy to finish the current session and try another day.

Here is a quick Sneak Peek image of this Labrador/Cocker Spaniel mix puppy. I believe this is called a “Cockador”. Please correct me if I am wrong.



Client review

I have been a bit lax in updating my “Kind Word” section recently. Thankfully that does not mean that I don’t receive nice reviews for my portraits, … Please keep them coming!

As with every business, especially small ones, these reviews mean the world. It makes working with my clients so much more rewarding.


I don’t think I ever appreciated how quickly our little puppy would grow going from a puppy faced cutie to a very little man in the space of a few months, being able to have these memories forever of him with the puppy charm is something I’ll always be glad off.  When Barbara suggested a photo shoot with the daffodils we realised this was our one opportunity – as next year he would be double the size, still cute but a grown up cute.  Watching Barbara with our dog was something else, the care, attention and how he was fixated with her made for a wonderful experience for both puppy and owners alike.

Many thanks



Networking Neighs with Lee Baker

As always it is great to be part of Networking Neighs at HorseSenseUK. It was a fabulous meeting were meaningful connections were made. Luckily the weather held as well that morning. As a result we were able to network in the field with the horses. This to me, is always a bonus. Below you will find some images I took on the day.


Becci Godfrey of HorseSense UK says:

Each Networking Neighs is different and unique. On Fri 26th April the theme was very much one of women taking the leadership role in their own lives through choosing careers, work environments and life circumstances that work for them. It was inspiring to hear the breadth and depth of commitment to making the world a better place through people’s chosen careers.
The group welcomed an accounting technician, several from a local family law firm, a psycho-sexual therapist, intuitive healers, a representative from Sussex Horse Rescue, an equine marketing specialist from Wales (I was particularly impressed by that!) and our guest speaker Lee Baker, a pioneering voice for more compassion in business to benefit the bottom line.
As usual, the horses brought their magic, bringing out the best in the attendees, facilitating warm and honest conversations.
The next Networking Neighs is on Weds 17th July, with guest speaker Graeme Green of The Mindful Horse .

Sneak Peek in the Bluebells

I love Spring! The greens of the trees and grass are all so lush and to top it off you get rewarded with this gorgeous splash of blue colour.

Here are some images from a recent dog portrait photography shoot. Labradors are so photogenic, don’t you agree?


Lost and happily reunited

“Lost and happily reunited”

As mentioned in my last blog, here is the missing pet story of Claire Witz who runs MIB Network, a successful local Networking Group for mums in business for Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks (  and Qalbi   ( making personalised vintage map gifts.

Their dog is a previous stray rescue from Romania and was very used to taking himself for a walk. It is not unusual for her neighbours to text Claire to tell her that they saw her dog running around in their garden and Claire had to chase after him.

I asked her:

Q: “What was the longest your dog went missing?”

Claire: “One day, but that was long enough! It’s incredibly stressful, particularly the first time, as we were waiting for his microchip to be transferred from Romania to us. My kids were beside themselves and we’re all still worried that he will go missing again.”


Q: “Were there any particular actions you took that produced results?”

Claire: “Being part of a neighbourhood and school community where a lot of people know your dog helps! Do ask for help, be patient and use social media.”


Q: “Have you got any top tips for people in the same situation?”

Claire: “Yes, I didn’t have any clear pictures of my dog in order to post them on FB, it felt like I was wasting time looking for pictures that showed him clearly when I could spend this time to go actively looking for him. I wish I had some professional pictures of him ready to hand.”


Thank you for your time Claire sharing this experience with us. It was a pleasure to take pictures of you with your beloved dog. He is such a character! Love him!

Contact me if you would like to have professional pictures of your beloved pet commissioned.

“Lost and happily reunited”

Welcome to my new blog!

You know the feeling, one minute everything is fine and you think “oh, my pet is around somewhere, … . Nothing to worry about, they do this all the time, … ”
And then realisation kicks in and you know your pet is missing! Panic sets in! Frantic searching – what do you do?

You knock on doors, you ask friends for help, you post on local Facebook groups, you ring the local vets, …

The time your pet is missing goes terribly slow almost like slow motion. I know it, I have been there. Both our cats have gone missing for days on separate occasions. Your heart skips some beats, you don’t know when to tell the kids or even how. It is an agonising experience to say the least! Thoughts like “Was this the last time I saw my pet alive?” crosses your mind.

Luckily on both occasions we were happily reunited with our cats. One cat was stuck up a tree, finding him 3 days after he went missing, and we had to get him down in a daring rescue operation involving a ladder and a 40ft drop the other side of the tree. To my husband it felt more like a 100ft drop as he suffers from vertigo! The other cat returned after about a week on his own accord, he was just a lot slimmer!

In the forthcoming months I will blog about people with similar experiences.

Contact me if you would like to have professional pictures of your beloved pet commissioned.

Happy National Puppy-dog Day!

What a coincidence! I was on a dog photo shoot this morning with a gorgeous 15 week old puppy when Social Media informed me that today is indeed National Puppydog Day!

My clients and I had a great time enjoying the daffodils in full bloom. Their puppy enjoyed them too!

It was lovely to see how everything was so exiting for him. This phase in their puppy lives just does not last that long and from a photographic point of view I just love giving my clients scrumptious images to look at in the years to come.

We have already put a date in the diary for the bluebell season. I can’t wait to see how much this little bundle of joy will have grown by then,…. I’ll keep you posted.

Here is the Sneak Peek from earlier today: