Golden Retriever Puppy Photo Shoot Experience – Sneak Peek

I love the precious puppy stage! They are so tiny! This stage of their life passes far too quick and you can see them grow on a daily basis. It is great to have a fantastic photographic keepsake of it. I had the most wonderful Dog Photo Shoot Experience this with very inquisitive lady who got up to all sorts in her garden.

It was a very sunny day and we had to choose the areas where the pictures were taken very carefully. We made the most of the shadows available though.

To put my clients wishes first, I always check if the owners allow me to post a Sneak Peek, which luckily they did.

Isn’t she adorable?

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Networking Neighs with John Handley of The Bridge Trust

Becci Godfrey of HorseSense UK says:

I gave up a long time ago worrying about who would attend a Neighs event and started to trust that exactly the people that needed to be there, would be there.

Today’s Networking Neighs might have been a smaller group than usual, but no less diverse and all the more rich for it.

The guest speaker this around was John Handley, CEO of local Homeless Charity, The Bridge Trust.

In his guest speaker slot, John shared that through life experience he had come to realise that “Life doesn’t always go to plan”, but if he had three pieces of wisdom to impart it would be:

1) Have a plan, so you make the most of your life

2) Appreciate what you have, you have no idea how quickly it could be taken away from you

3) Do something you love.

Through his insightful and at points heartbreaking story, we all were called to recognise in our self where there was room to get more out of the opportunities available to us.

As for the horses, they were their usual gregarious selves. Fresh off a corporate training experience, the morning provided a bit of light relief and a chance to show the world how much they love interacting with humans and being the centre of attention.

The guest speaker next month around is Jane Alton, a Consultant Numerologist. We’ll be diving into the number vibration of the name Networking Neighs, and welcoming Neighs founder, Emma Taylor of The Leadership Whisperers. You can get your tickets here:

In the meantime, if you would like to join us in making a donation to The Bridge Trust to support their excellent work, you can do so here:

Stuck for a Christmas present?

I can’t believe Christmas is just round the corner!

If you are like me and leave the Christmas shopping to the very last minute, here is an ideal present for a pet lover.

Gift Certificates are a gift of sharing quality time for the pet owner with their beloved furry friend pet. The highly individual photo shoot sessions are creating memories for the years to come.

Whether it is for Dog, Equine or Cat Photography, feel free to contact Barbara for further details. You can find more information here.


Sneak Peek – Autumn colours

It has been very busy here at Barbara Yeo Photography! Hence, posting on the blog has been slow! Sorry!

In order to make it up to you, here is a Sneak Peak of two wonderful Welsh Spaniels captured in the glorious morning sun! These two had oodles of fun whilst beeing photographed!

Networking Neighs with Christine Kimberley

Becci Godfrey of HorseSense UK says:

A lovely group of people met with the HorseSense UK herd for the recent Networking Neighs. Making the most of the autumn sunshine, a range of new and established business owners shared their expertise and how they help their clients whilst we hung out with the horses building trust-based connections.

Guest speaker this time around was actress, director and presentation coach Christine Kimberley (www.christinekimberley.comwho shared her top tips on how to embodying your product/service so that customers get a flavour of what you offer and can see how you are different to the competition. She shared the importance of relationships and gave some tips on presentation speaking and how to command the room.

Our next Networking Neighs is a winter one, so it may well take place in a pub! Follow to find out when and where that is.

Murphy’s Networking Neighs

Becci Godfrey (nee. Harvey) of HorseSense UK says:

I love how those that are meant to meet do. The one thing I get from hosting a regular networking session is the ability to sit back and watch a string of synchronicities happen between complete strangers, and get excited about the outcomes.

Last week’s Murphy’s Networking Neighs was no different. There was a real theme of pioneering work being done by each of the attendees, whether it was being part of a new company that is experiencing phenomenal growth or whether it is pushing the boundaries of technology and creativity to bring new approaches to digital content.

It was all quite apt really, seeing as our newest herd member, Dainty, made her Networking Neighs debut.

We’d be taking our time with Dainty, to make sure she was comfortable and confident to take part in the Networking Neighs sessions, and I am delighted to say she passed her probation with flying colours.

So much so, that when she’d had a good munch on grass, she took the opportunity to take the weight off her feet, lie down and have a little snooze. That’s trust for you!

Murphy’s Networking Neighs is undergoing a bit of a review right now, so we can check that we are providing the best possible service to our existing and prospective clients. To find out when the next event is, you’ll keep an eye on Till we see you next!

Murphy’s Networking Neighs

Becci Godfrey (nee. Harvey) of HorseSense UK says:

February provided another fantastic Murphy’s Networking Neighs with a great group of attendees, despite it being a chilly 2ºC!! Some very useful connections were made that I expect to see some new ventures developed on the back of – watch this space!

This time around, the guest speakers were the horses themselves. This gave the herd a chance to demonstrate what it is like to have a learning experience with the horses, through completing a simple leadership exercise. 

Participants were invited to lead the horse of their choice half way around the area, where they were given the opportunity to check in with a facilitator, before completing the circuit and rejoining the group.

Afterwards the learnings they shared included:

  • dropping assumptions and remembering to approach experiences with an open mind
  • how enjoyable such a simple task was and the experience of making a new friend
  • how much the horses like doing this work and remembering how much the participant enjoys doing it too
  • it is hard when you are seen as the “expert”

The next Murphy’s Networking Neighs is on Fri 28th April (, where I may, just may have another new herd member to introduce to you all. His name is Bart, and he’s been asking to join in with our work for a while. Come along in April to find out if he makes the grade!

Tickets are available at

Here are some images from this networking event:

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all

Wishing you a very peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year for you and all the people in your life whom you love.

Looking forward to a great 2017!




Murphy’s Networking Neighs with Graeme Green of The Mindful Horse

This time the guest speaker was Graeme Green of The Mindful Horse. Sadly I could not stay and consequently missed Graeme’s talk.

Becci Godfrey (nee. Harvey) of HorseSense UK says:

‘On Friday 18th November a record breaking 17 people joined us for our second anniversary of Murphy’s Networking Neighs. It has been a great delight to see the interest in these events increase over the years and the outcomes each networking session brings.

This time, I was overwhelmed with the collaborative nature of the participants. On a somewhat chilly November day some great, like minded connections were made with equine specific insurance firms speaking with providers of equine services, a charitable trust talking with a coach and an osteopath and a medical writer talking to a microanalyst. It struck me, that when we all operate as employees of the same organisation, the fundamental human benefits that can be achieved.

The next Murphy’s Networking Neighs is on Friday 10th February 2017. This time around, the guest speakers will be the horses, with a chance to have a go at doing an exercise with the herd. This event is perfect for anyone that wants to combine networking with a taster experience of Equine Assisted Education. We’ve run several of these events in the past, and they have always proved to be insightful and engaging for participants. We look forward to seeing you there.’

Tickets are available at

Here are some images from this networking event:

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